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Baccalaureate Mass

Saturday, May 18 at 4:30 p.m.

100th 伊玛库拉塔大学2024年毕业典礼

Sunday, May 19 at 10 a.m.

毕业典礼将在Immaculata的后校区举行. 仪式将风雨无阻地举行.  毕业生和客人可能会在早上8:30开始到达.m.

Graduate Check-in

  • 所有学院的报到:后校区
  • 毕业生可能会在早上8点半开始到校.m.

有关毕业典礼的问题,请发电子邮件 commencement@oddrane.com.


毕业典礼对所有相关人员来说都是一件特殊的事情. 请尊重每一位前来分享经验的人. 为所有毕业生庆祝, speakers, faculty, staff and guests, 在活动期间请保持一定的礼仪. Students should return to their seats after receiving their diplomas and remain seated for the rest of the ceremony.

为所有相关人员提供积极的体验, banners, signs, flags, balloons, balls, noisemakers, umbrellas, glass bottles or any other objects that could potentially obscure or disrupt the event or pose possible hazards are not permitted. 由于Immaculata是一个禁烟校园,因此禁止吸烟. 酒精饮料也被禁止.

To ensure the safety of students and guests and to maintain a steady cadence while awarding degrees, 客人不得离开座位拍照. Legacy Photographics, Immaculata大学的毕业摄影师, 将帮助毕业生创造和珍惜他们的毕业回忆. Legacy将拍摄每位毕业生的照片, 照片将通过电子邮件发送到毕业生的学生IU电子邮件帐户. 如对图片有任何疑问,请联系 Legacy Photographics at 610-279-1791.

Commencement facilitators will be present on and near the stage and in the audience. Behavior deemed disruptive or inappropriate by the facilitators or security personnel will not be tolerated. Facilitators may remind students and guests of these guidelines and ask them to refrain from their disruptive or inappropriate behavior. 任何选择无视这些指导方针的人可能会被要求离开校园.

We aim to ensure that the commencement ceremony remains a safe, memorable and joyous occasion. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who has worked to reach this moment.

Guest Information

另一个观看直播的区域是校友厅剧院. 剧院里不需要门票,也不允许携带气球.

其他客人也欢迎在后校区的开放区域, the venue for the ceremony, 但他们将不被允许进入指定的座位区.


无法参加校园仪式的家庭可以通过以下方式参加 livestream on IU’s website.

Baccalaureate Mass

Saturday, May 18, 2024, 4:30 p.m. - Villa Maria House of Studies教堂

The Baccalaureate liturgy will take place in the Villa Maria House of Studies Chapel, 位于圣母圈1号(伊玛库拉塔大学街对面). Family and friends are welcome to attend, and no tickets are required for Baccalaureate Mass.

毕业生应穿学士服. 欢迎神父及/或执事亲属协助学士典礼. Graduates who have any Catholic clergy family members who will be attending the Mass should notify Father Royce Thomas at 610-647-4400 ext. 3570 or rthomas6@oddrane.com by May 5.


Each graduate who has RSVPed will receive four (4) tickets for their guests (graduates do not need a ticket).  参加大学毕业典礼的来宾必须凭票入场. All guests, including babies and children, 需要入场券才能进入大学毕业典礼指定区域. 请确保你的家人和朋友充分意识到这一点 each guest 谁进入指定区域必须有票才能这样做.

报到时,毕业生将收到一个装着入场券的信封.  如果客人当时没有参加聚会, 毕业生可将客票留在问讯处.

校友厅剧场将开放供毕业典礼现场观看.  进入女校友堂剧场无需门票.

Inclement Weather

The Immaculata commencement ceremony is an outdoor event that will take place rain or shine.

In the event of anticipated extreme inclement weather (such as storms, lightning, extreme wind, etc.),颁奖典礼将移至女校友堂举行. Students will be notified of the move to Alumnae Hall as soon as possible after the decision is made. 提醒一下,仪式将会 livestreamed on IU’s website. Additionally, on-site livestreaming would be available in all classrooms on the first and second floors of Loyola Hall.

If extreme inclement weather is anticipated or occurs after the outdoor ceremony has begun, the ceremony may be cut short.


Those students and/or guests who will need special accommodations at the commencement ceremony, please contact Robert Pursel, Campus Safety Coordinator, at OneCard@oddrane.com.


  • 从Alumnae Drive和Gillet Drive可以进入校园.
  • 也可以从弗雷泽路进入卡米拉大道.
  • 英皇道的英玛库拉达道将封闭.

Parking Information

Use this campus map for parking and event locations.

  • Parking Lots: All lots except D & G will be open for guest parking.
  • Disability Parking/Dropoff:
    • Gillet Drive, Lot D, should be used to drop off guests with disabilities attending the ceremony on Back Campus.
    • Alumnae Drive, Lot G, should be used to drop off guests with disabilities attending the livestreaming in Alumnae Hall.
    • Some designated handicapped parking spaces will be available in Parking Lot D for the ceremony on Back Campus and in Parking Lot G for Alumnae Hall livestream viewing.
    • 希望在这些车位停车的与会者应提前到达. However, drivers should be prepared to drop off passengers at these drop off locations prior to parking their vehicles in the nearest available parking lot.
  • No Parking Areas: Parking is not permitted along campus roadways or on grassy areas. 在公路上停车会限制交通的畅通. 更重要的是,停放的车辆可能会阻碍应急车辆的进入.

Information for Graduates

All students expecting to complete their degree in May 2024 must make sure they have completed all institutional requirements in order to receive their diploma at the commencement ceremony:

  • 完成所有的学术要求 May 10, 2024
  • 2024年春季课程的最终成绩将于2024年5月13日中午(中午12:00)截止
  • 财务余额包括所有学杂费的支付 必须在2024年3月6日前收到. Any additional charges, including library, room damage, and parking fines, are due immediately. A financial hold will prevent the graduate from receiving a diploma and transcript.
  • 获得联邦斯塔福德贷款的学生必须完成退出咨询 May 1, 2024. Students need to go to studentaid.gov 点击“贷款管理”下的“退出咨询”. 学生将需要使用他们的FSA ID登录. Students must have a verified FSA ID (Username and Password) and may click on the link to create it. 整个过程大约需要15到20分钟才能完成. Immaculata University is automatically notified weekly of all students who have completed their counseling sessions.

Failure to complete all the institutional requirements will delay graduation until August 2024.

Academic Attire

To participate in any of the commencement ceremonies, graduates will need a cap, gown, hood (except Associate), and tassel.

Gown, Cap, Hood, and Tassel - please visit or contact the Campus Store to order your academic attire (484-323-3910).

Campus Store Orders

Those who received a cap and gown as an incoming freshman need only order the hood and tassel which are available online 或访问或致电校园商店.

Academic Attire Pricing


  • Associate Attire (参观或致电校园商店购买)
    Cap, Gown, Tassel bundle - $49
  • Bachelor Attire
    帽子,长袍,流苏,兜帽捆绑- $87
    Hood and Tassel only (those who received a cap and gown as an incoming freshman need only order the hood and tassel) - $45
  • Masters Attire
    帽子,长袍,流苏,兜帽捆绑- $99
  • Doctoral Attire
    Tam, Gown, Tassel, Hood套装- $146
    Doctor of Psychology graduates, please choose the gold (Science) velvet hood color.
    Doctor of Education graduates, please choose the light blue (Education) velvet hood color.  

Campus Store: 484-323-3910
Normal Hours: Mon-Fri. 10am-4:00 pm; closed weekends
A pop-up shop will be open on back campus before and after the commencement ceremony.

Local Hotels

Hampton Inn
(610) 699-1300

Sheraton Great Valley
(610) 524-5500

120 N. 1941年,宾夕法尼亚州埃克斯顿的波茨敦派克
(610) 524-9000

Graduation Announcements 

Order custom announcements through Herff Jones.


Legacy Photographics, Immaculata大学的毕业摄影师, 将帮助毕业生创造和珍惜他们的毕业回忆. Legacy将拍摄每位毕业生的照片 照片将通过电子邮件发送到毕业生的学生IU电子邮件帐户. 如对图片有任何疑问,请联系 Legacy Photographics at 610-279-1791.


鲜花可以提前预订,并在毕业典礼上领取. 毕业当天也会有鲜花可供购买. 使用此链接购买鲜花 将收益的一部分捐给Immaculata的学生发展 & Engagement Division.

Graduate Profiles

Nick Livolsi

Nick Livolsi, B.S.

尼克准备在商业和金融领域大展宏图. His proactive approach to earning extra credits for his CPA license is laying the groundwork for a future with one of the world's leading public accounting firms.

Julia Hallman

Julia Hallman, B.S.N.

茱莉亚的教授们支持她完成了第二学位加速课程.S.N. 计划和准备在儿科护理事业, where she will offer holistic care to support her patients’ physical and mental health.

Maryann Johnson

Maryann Johnson, M.S.

As a member of the first graduating class of Immaculata’s master’s in higher education, 玛丽安发现这个项目是可控的, aided by a blend of synchronous and asynchronous classes accommodating her demanding schedule.

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